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Care Homes, prices and returns above, to be transparent please see below on how it is possible:

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An average fee income breakdown.

Income on each room varies between £650per week and £850per week.
Investors returns are up to 10% per annum.
If we use a lower-end income of £650 and a higher-end return of 10% in this example.
A £75k room cost us £144 per week to pay the investor.
Deducting £144 from the £650 income per week still leaves us with over £500 to service that one room for the week.
If you total up £144 per week to the end of the month it’s £600 give or take..
So at the end of each month, to pay an investor his 10% return doesn’t even cost us a full weeks fee income to that one room and the other 3 weeks of that month’s income goes back into the business. Tally that up to for a year it equals to 12 weeks income pays the investor their 10% and the other 40 weeks is back into the business.

Sounds good? email me for further details, availability.

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