Cityscape Week

Being Dubai’s most important week in the property industry calendar, Cityscape, I am pleased to announce that the market is showing signs of picking up.  Along with many fellow Property Agencies, we are closing a higher volume of sales and leases.

Since May 2019 off-plan have surpassed secondary sales in the villa/townhouse sector which has previously been dominated by secondary sales from November 2017. 

Off-plan sales in the apartment sector have remained higher consistently from January 2017 to date, in July 2019 there was a noticeable spike in secondary sales which is due to major price corrections across the Emirate.

The secondary market has seen some amazing price adjustments, for example, we have available a great off-market villa on the Palm Jumeirah, the villa is a sought after high number garden home (above 100_ for only AED8,500,000 this is a great opportunity for a primary home or holiday rental.  Please get in touch for more details.

If you would like more information on any of the data or information provided in this email or previous emails please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this email.

data from and compiled by Laura Adams 

Emaar still dominates the apartment off-plan market in the month of September with a 23.8% share of the market, totalling 358 transactions amounting to AED659m of sales.  

For the villa and Townhouse sector, Emaar is also dominating the off-plan market with 252 sales amounting to AED554m of sales in September 2019.

Emaar sales in September broken down by area.

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