Finally in Dubai, luxury meets space….

In April this year, renowned Henry & Partners (London-based investment migration consultancy) reported that Dubai was listed among the world’s leading and fasted growing wealth hubs.  Wealthy families are drawn to Dubai for the streamlined tax, legal eco-system, safety, visas, healthcare, and education to name a few.  Dubai is the Middle East’s most popular city for the wealthy, hosting approximately 68,400 millionaires. 

Dubai is racing to keep up with the demand for accelerated interest but there is one Developer who has recognized a gap in what is being launched and has taken the thought process of construction, lifestyle, safety, and design to one step further meet the ‘new residents’ requirements.

Having already constructed a ‘city’ within a ‘city’, the Al Habtoor Group are adding to their flagship development, Al Habtoor City, with a new building which will be launched in the coming days, which incorporates all the factors end users and investors are looking for in a home.  Al Habtoor Tower, situated on Sheikh Zayed Road has s access from multiple different points, a luxurious design, floor-to-ceiling windows, and endless facilities in addition to access to the current 120,000 sq ft of F&B, Gyms, and Pools that Al Habtoor City already has.

In addition to the amenities for its residents, the city is already a vibrant mixed-use development, with a range of world-class luxury hotels, theatres, restaurants, and retail outlets.  The Development is home to three 5* hotels, The St Regis Dubai, W Dubai – Al Habtoor City, and The Westin Dubai.  The Atrium is an entertainment destination holding events, concerts, and a range of shows, while the Boulevard is a lively promenade that features a range of dining, coffee, and retail shops.  The current residents of the ‘city’ regularly report that they ‘never leave’ as they have everything on their doorstep including the canal which gives water access to the Palm, World Islands, Marina, and Old Dubai.

So, what makes Al Habtoor Tower different?

The lifestyle living is already there, this is an addition, not a planned project in a brochure.   The building has multiple units with ‘dens’/study or guest room areas, large dressing areas, living rooms, storage rooms, maid’s rooms, fully fitted kitchens, and large balconies to admire the uninterrupted views of the Gulf Sea, City, or out towards Meydan. 

The large majority of Developers lower the sq ft of the property if it has a view, Habtoor has done the exact opposite, recognizing that what is being constructed is not enough for the requirements of the new influx of residents. 

The city is the mastermind of Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Chairman and Founder of the Al Habtoor Group.  The Chairman is a self-made, well-respected citizen of the UAE, he started his career as an employee of a construction company and went on to form his own company ‘Al Habtoor Engineering’ in 1971 which focused on innovative projects throughout the Region and was involved in many of the iconic developments in Dubai.  In addition to Construction, Al Habtoor is a brand itself being in high demand across the world and the Group holds the rights to Bentley and Bugatti in the Region.

With Engineering being at the forefront of Al Habtoor City, the Chairman has ensured that owners will not only get a high-quality property but the building itself will be at the forefront of Engineering construction.

The Chairman reported at the ‘breaking ground ceremony’:

“As a former builder and contractor, I am excited to be driving the first piles of the project into the ground and revealing some of the novel technical details of the construction techniques used in the Habtoor Tower, and very proud that it will be delivered at the highest quality in record time.

“This tower is unique in every aspect and can be considered a learning curve for all contractors in the region. We have challenged engineers and architects to deliver what we do best in Dubai and the UAE; an architectural masterpiece”.

“As a direct effect of innovative construction techniques, a substantial saving in Co₂ emission has been achieved – less than 50 percent of traditional buildings’ carbon emissions.

“Environmental experts are currently assessing our Habtoor Tower, aiming to achieve LEED Platinum Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the highest authority in green building rating systems worldwide.’

The project will use innovative construction techniques and high-quality concrete and steel in the development, which will make it one of the quickest builds in the city.

The Chairman consulted with numerous global universities to ensure that the building was as iconic as the finished properties.

Al Habtoor Tower is the most iconic tower that Dubai has seen since the construction of the Burj Khalifa, the journey of this tower, its location, floor plans, development, and lifestyle is something to be admired.

We expect the launch of sales to be as record-breaking as its construction, drawing in new residents to the city and investors globally. 

If you have any further questions about this project, which will be released soon by Provident Real Estate, please feel free to contact me directly at

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