Take a look back and celebrate Provident Estate’s achievements over the past year

The year 2022 concluded strongly with consistent and steady growth and the Real Estate industry has seen some significant achievements as a whole. In comparison to Q2, the market witnessed a near 14% quarterly increase in the number of real estate transactions, which resulted at 25,496 as opposed to 22,423 in Q2.

In September 2022, Dubai Real Estate hit a nine-year peak with 8,649 transactions recorded worth AED 24.42 billion. Throughout the remainder of Q4, real estate’s momentum is anticipated to increase and according to forecasts, prices will rise further with a desire for luxury residences in 2023.

One of Dubai’s most reputable and well-known real estate firms, Provident Estate has achieved outstanding success in 2022. The company’s ongoing development has seen 2022 finish with over 200 employees spanning over 22 different nationalities, speaking over 25 languages. Special recognition should be noted to Provident Estate’s top performers: Robin Tanwar, Jad Damian, Alparslan Dahri, Mike Lloyd and Mohammad Ouajdi as well Anthony Joseph, last months top performer. Recognition should also be given to Chris Watt who closed the biggest deal in property value and commission single deal.

This year Provident Estate celebrated its 14th Anniversary. The company has seen incredible growth during the past 14 years with Loai Al Fakir at the forefront to continue to create the best Real Estate firm in Dubai. Provident Estate takes pride in the mission ‘to create honest, trustworthy and transparent relations with home buyers, tenants and investors’ and year after year, the effort and commitment of the employees demonstrate the success of this mission.

The company underwent office renovations in conjunction with its 14th anniversary, resulting in the creation of an expansion to the Marina Plaza Headquarter building. The office’s design was chosen to ensure that employees would thrive in their environment whilst also feeling comfort. The renovation of the office was to create more space for the employees to efficiently work with booths for agents to take calls and work productively and a podcast room for the agents that want to film content or podcasts for their personal profiles.

Three employees of Provident Estate also participated in the biggest real estate event of the year, the “OnlyComms” boxing match, against some of Dubai’s most prestigious real estate companies in an effort to win the grand title. For Provident Estate, the sense of bringing the company altogether to support the three taking part was a victory in itself.

With the introduction of “Provident X Talks,” the newest addition to Provident Estate that delivers seminars, training workshops, and conferences, the real estate company also welcomed some great guest speakers. Daniel G, a globally renowned and winning sales trainer took part in a Provident X Talks Event.  He offered advice on how a broker can improve their sales strategy and master the technicalities of selling.

Provident Estate is very focused on ensuring that its employees make the most of their careers. Natalie Callaghan was promoted within the company to the position of Director of Growth and Development. The evident reason why Provident Estate retains its employees and diversifies itself from other agencies is because they have someone who is committed to the ongoing growth of employees. 

Ensuring employees felt valued and learnt how to advance their talents through training programs was a key component of the retention strategy. The company then introduced Dr. Anand to its employees, who spent individual 1–2-1 time with each member of staff to develop all aspects of their work abilities.

Throughout the year, the company has received some incredible press coverage, including articles in Gulf News, Gulf Business, Khaleej Times, Arabian Business, and Arqam.

It’s been a great year and we look forward to the future. #ProudtobeProvident

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