Residential Leasing Update

Tenant behaviour has changed as a result of recent events, some of which are surprising such as the desire for larger properties, outdoor space, and work-from-home areas.  Existing tenants are looking to downsize to cut costs and take advantage of the great rental offers available in new buildings.

I have complied a mixture of data below which I hope you’ll find interesting but should you wish to find out more about a certain area or property please do not hesitate to contact me.


Q1 2020 – 5,750
Q2 2020 – 4,300
2,700 fewer than previously projected

Q1 2020 – 2,150
Q2 2020 – 2,300
700 more than previously projected


Listings = % properties being advertised for the month
Searches = % of total searches for the month
Leads = % of tenants actual inquiries for the month
Keywords = tenants preferences 
Result = based on listings v’s searches 

Dubai Marina – June 2020 
Listings – 13% 
Searches – 9.4%
Leads – 7.8%
Top Keywords: Chiller Free, Upgraded, Marina View
Result – Over Supply

Dubai Hills
Listings – 2.8%
Searches – 3.5%
Leads – 5.6%
Top Keywords: 2e, Single Row, Corner Villa
Result: Under Supply

Downtown – June 2020 
Listings – 10.2% 
Searches – 5.2%
Leads – 4.6%
Top Keywords: Study, New, Chiller Free
Result: Over Supply

Palm Jumeirah 
Listings – 6.1%% 
Searches – 5.1%
Leads – 5.8%
Top Keywords: Sea View, Upgraded, Beach
Result: Good Supply

Listings – 1.7% 
Searches – 2%
Leads – 2.2%
Top Keywords: 2e, Single Row, Corner Villa
Result: Good Supply

An ‘Over Supply’ of properties in an area can be for various reasons:

  • Handover of new buildings
  • Prices are too high for the current tenant’s requirements
  • The area is less desirable for tenants on the market. 

 A ‘Good Supply’ means that supply is meeting the current demand while ‘Under Supply’ means there is more tenant demand than properties available.

Tenant Migration

Data gathered from tenant move in and move out requests. Most areas in May 2020 showed more tenants moving to in than moving out.

Palm Jumeirah:  +67 – average tenancy 660 days

Jumeriah Village Circle:  +352 – average tenancy 121 days

Downtown:  +65 – average tenancy 251 days

Business Bay:  +40 – average tenancy 188 days

Town Square:  -226 – average tenancy 93 days

Arabian Ranches 1:  +2 – average tenancy 348 days

Dubai Hills –  +155

In the News:

According to Asteco, monthly payments through direct debit and credit cards will become the market norm for paying rent in Dubai.

Laura Victoria Adams 
Date collated from propertymonitor, datafinder, Urban, and Asteco Q2,2020 report

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