In these unprecedented times, it is good to hit the reset button and take a step back from the usual day to day trials and evaluate what really matters, family, the present and the future.

For me personally, I am taking this time out to help existing and new clients study their property investments and help in any way I can to maximise returns to ensure they come out on the other side with limited financial disruption.  At these times it is always nice to be reminded of the old saying, ‘everybody needs somewhere to live’.

The market has been going through a steady adjustment for the past two years which is due to the ongoing supply and this will remain the case for the next 1 and a half -2 years but there are changes that can be made now to help with current and future returns on investments.    

If you are looking to lease your property the first action is to price your property correctly and ensure void periods are as minimal as possible, do not lose out in the long run, even with lower prices the returns in most cases with apartments is 5% or above.  If you are asking, for example, AED80,000 for your one-bedroom apartment and the cheapest in your building is AED75,000, you need to bring it down. 

Each month it is on the market you are losing the potential of AED6,666 per month.  If you were to reduce your price to AED73,000, below all other listings you would likely lease the property within a week and you would still get the same income if you had waited a month for your price.  Note that the rental market changes daily, stay on top of prices and ensure you are within range and open to negotiating. 

Secondly, check how your property is being presented on the market, we have recently conducted a YouGov survey and a high percentage of tenants said they searched and viewed properties on the photos alone.  

At Urban we have created an online journey for all tenants and have seen a 60% spike in downloads of our app between the 8th and 21st of March, this is mainly down to our business model.  We work equally for the tenant and the landlord to ensure both parties achieve the best rental journey possible with the help of technology. 

I have reported many times before that our supply is not an ‘oversupply’, we have enough residents to be able to occupy current and future properties but the problem is our payment structure that was formed from the pre-2009 ‘demand’ and low supply market.  We expect tenants to pay large upfront rental payments plus deposits, commissions and moving costs.  For most, this is unobtainable.  For example:

Potential Tenant: 
Salary: AED15,000 per month 
Monthly expenses, car, food etc… circa AED6,500 

Potential Property
1 Bedroom Unfurnished: Dubai Marna AED65,000 
Payment Plan – 4 Cheques 

The amount required to move into the property would be:

  • First-quarter rent AED16,250
  • Deposit AED3,250
  • Commission AED3,250
  • DEWA/DU deposits AED2,500
  • Furniture (without appliances) AEDAED6,000

Total required AED31,250

Obviously, the tenant is currently living somewhere whilst working and this tends to be in a house share paying between AED4,500-AED5,000 per month for a room in the Marina.  If you deduct this also from there income they are left with, circa AED3,750 spare.  

In order to save to move out of shared accommodation into a 1 bedroom apartment, which remember in turn will fill the supply, they would need to save for more than 8 months to be able to afford a rental property for themselves. 

I hope the above puts the situation of our supply ‘issue’ into more perspective and please continue reading to see what Urban is doing to solve these issues to ensure that the Dubai property market can thrive and continue to be a great investment market for returns and an affordable place to live for tenants. 

Yes, we are disrupting the market but it is for the best and the only way I can see as the fastest route to fill the supply and benefit all.

I hope that this mail reaches you and your family well in the current situation we find ourselves in.

If you have any questions or want to value your property portfolio please do not hesitate to contact me.

Compiled by Laura Adams 


Put your property on autopilot, list, advertise and rent to qualified residents after we have cleaned and inspected your property. If you would like to see an example of our 150+ point inspection reports for check-in and check for your tenants then please reply to this email.

We collect rental payments on your behalf, from your tenant, giving them multiple options to pay via direct debit, credit cards or debit cards. Now is the time to forget about cheques, they are time-consuming and prehistoric. Your rent will be transferred within 10 days to your UAE or International bank account, no need for a Dubai Residency. You can also increase your chances of getting 1 payment for the year with the rental loan, we offer our tenants. 

We remain as the first port of call through our call centre to your tenant throughout your tenancy and all documents are signed electronically via Docusign.  

We do not only advertise on our app but on major portals in Dubai, through target marketing and strong social media campaigns. We have the best tech and marketing team in the industry who look at each listing and ensure that it is being presented and marketed at its best potential. 

We present your property in the best possible light, cleaned, photographed and provide 360 tours on every single property with enables tenants to view without leaving the comfort of their own home or country!. See the example below.

Our listing, leasing and rental collection package is on offer to Landlords for free if you list by the end of June 2020.


Cheques need to go! enough said. No more irregular signature or keeping on top of when they are due or saving for three months or more to ensure they will not return.  (let’s be real, we all know how hard this is) 

Pay monthly – either by our Landlords willing to accept payments monthly via direct debit, credit card or debit card or apply for a one-year rental loan through our partner Emirates NBD with a low-interest rate which is offset by the savings you make from the Landlord receiving one payment.

Make Offers – Once you have viewed one of our properties you can make offers for 1, 2, 4 or 12 payments on the app, your offer will be placed in an auction and our dedicated call centre will call to advise the result.

Viewings – View when you wish, you can book a viewing in 15 min times slots, anytime that the building or community management allows.  No need to wait for keys, our digital lock recognises your presence by the door when you arrive and will open for your viewing.  

View Online: Every one of our properties has a detailed 360 walkthrough of the EXACT property along with professional photographs.  All the information provided is checked and verified.  You can even use our 360 interactive viewings to measure where your sofa will go.

Security Deposits: With our detailed check-in and check out reports (free of charge) are signed off by the landlord and yourself which makes disputes in refunds is a thing of the past. 

Contact: The majority of our listings come with maintenance contracts and our call centre is at hand 7 days a week to assist you through the leasing process and throughout your tenancy. 

Our portfolio is growing daily and we currently cover 25 neighbourhoods across Dubai, if you do not find what you are looking for please reply to this email and we will source especially for you.

We are just 1 month old and growing daily, the market has recognised the need for change and we look forward to welcoming you can be a part of our continuing growth.

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