Look ma, no hands!

I hope you and your family are staying safe during these tough times. We want to reassure you that we’re taking all the necessary precautions to make sure you can visit your next home as safely as possible.

Visit homes on your own

That means no unnecessary handshakes and just the right amount of social distancing. All you need is your phone to unlock the door.

Clean homes, clean you
All door handles are thoroughly sterilized during the lock installation process. We’re also working on having hand sanitizers inside all our Urban homes.

A team you can rely on
Our field team has been briefed on Covid-19 and trained for safety precautions. They’re fully equipped with masks and gloves when installing locks and if you need them to drop in for help.

No paperwork, no germs 
Payment with Urban is completely online. The same goes for paperwork so you can stay germ-free and contact-free.

Visit homes on your own–with just your phone.


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