The future of Leasing

As an Agent in Dubai for over 11 years, I have seen changes that are unparallel to any other property market and with the majority of fast-growing industries.

We are at a stage now where the market is in need of change, from industry professionals, expectations of Landlords and Tenants and real estate technology to achieve solutions to common issues that are positive for all parties involved in the leasing process. 

Common comments about leasing in Dubai from tenants:

  • I cannot afford 3 months upfront in addition to deposits, commissions, and purchasing furniture
  • How do I know if I am dealing with an Agent that has authorization to conduct this transaction?
  • The property has not been cleaned
  • The property I attended was not the one advertised online 
  • Can I do monthly payments via bank transfer
  • Can I view the property in the night or on a Friday
  • Maintenance has not been done

Common comments from Landlords:

  • I require one cheque payment
  • Can you assure me that the tenant can afford the rent?
  • I am outside the country and do not have a UAE bank account 
  • I am unable to sign the original contract within a suitable timeframe
  • Is it better to list with more than one Agent
  • I am not getting a response from my Agent 
  • Property management costs are too high 

All of the above are valid points and have resulted from the fast expansion of the market but due to the supply, it is imperative we see a change in the way the industry operates.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Urban which helps homeowners put their property on autopilot.  Urban works for Landlords with a single property or full portfolio.

What Urban does for Renters

Urban reinvents the rental experience by empowering tenants like never before through virtual tours of pre-inspected homes, visits without an Agent at any time of the day or weekend and flexible payments.  In addition, Urban allows you too…

  • Make an offer in-app, bringing transparency to negotiations 
  • Flexible payment options such as credit and direct debit payments, and the option to pay rent in 12 payments 
  • All paperwork completed online

What Urban does for Landlords

Urban is an online platform where we’ll list and rent out your property to vetted residents after cleaning, inspecting and capturing your home in its best light.

  • Renting out properties faster through professional photography, virtual tours, and viewings without the need of an Agent.
  • Comprehensive screening process to find the right tenants
  • Property analytics to maximize returns
  • Cleaned and inspected homes with low-cost maintenance management 
  • Digital payments and financing options for tenants without risk

If you are interested to explore further please give me a call or whatsapp on 050 980 6722. 

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