POST by Grant Nelson probably the funniest thing I have read in years

If Brexit were a Rave…

Government : “What music do you want us to play? Hip-Hop or House? But bear in mind that we think Hip-hop is much better, House is shit bruv”.

The people : “House”

Government: “Okay we don’t like house but as you asked for it we’ll cue it up”

48% of the people : “No don’t play house, it’s fucking awful, take it off the turntable now!”

52% of the people : “But we love house and more of us voted for it, so fucking play it!”

Government : “Okay we’ve listened to both sides of the argument and we’ve decided that we have to honor what the people voted for so we’re cueing up a thrash metal track for you”

52% : “WTF? That’s not what we asked for!”

48% : “WTF? That’s not what we asked for!”

The media : “The house fans didn’t really know what they wanted to hear and, between you and us, they are all pretty thick and a bit racist anyway so don’t worry about it, play what you want Gov.”

Parliament: “This is a disgrace. The government aren’t playing the music that the people asked for. What they really wanted is Hip-Hop”

Government: “No they said they didn’t want hip-hop, they wanted house”

Parliament: “Okay maybe we should ask them again then”

48% : “Yes, ask us again, ask us again”

52% : “No, we want house, we’ve told you once already!”

Government : “We’ve got a really good hip-hop remix of a house track, that any good?”

48% : “No, we hate house”

52% : “No, we hate hip-hop”

Parliament: “We’ve got a killer hip-hop track here?”

48% : “Yes play it”

52% : “Fuck off, we want house, not Hip-hop”

Government : “Okay we’re moving back the date of the gig until we can agree on what kind of music to play”

52% : “But we’ve already told you we want house!”

Parliament : “We should ask the people again. We should ask them if they want Hip-Hop, or if they want Hip-Hop instead”

Government : “We’re putting back the date of the gig again. This time we’re gonna get the MC from the other side to drop some hip-hop lyrics over our thrash metal track”

The people : “WTF? We just want to dance”

Parliament : “We just want to hear hip-hop”

The EU : “For fuck’s sake somebody pull the plug out of the amps…”

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