Residency Visa’s with Property Dubai September 2018

It has recently been announced that owners will get 10-year residency visas but we do not know any more details as yet.  I believe currently you can get a 2-year visa still.
The best place to contact is the Dubai Land Department.


This service allows an investor to apply for visa where the value of his residential unit equals or exceeds one million Dirhams (AED 1,000,000). Relevant terms and conditions apply at the time of purchase.
The service is provided by the Real Estate Investment Promotion and Management Centre.
Required Documents
  1. 1. An application for the service shall be filled (Taskeen Application)
The following supporting documents shall be attached:
  1. Personal Photo.
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of current residence permit or other visa.
  4. Passport must be valid for at least six (6) months
  5. Copy of the Title Deed of the real property
  6. Non-refundable fee of AED 420 shall be paid.
  7. The value of the real property to be  registered may not be less than one million Dirhams (AED 1,000,000).
  8. Any other real property owned by the investor may be added
  9. Where the real property is mortgaged, the mortgage details shall be provided provided that the mortgage is not less than 50%
  10. Certificate of Good Conduct9. Certified marriage contract in case of a joint property between a husband and wife, with a total value of one million AED
Service Procedures
  1. The requirements shall be submitted in the ground floor (Customer Service) and 420 AED shall be paid. Review shall be made after 5 working days for final approval (sometimes more than this period).
  2. After obtaining the approval, the license fees of 8420 AED shall be paid  referral to the Centre after 3 working days.
  3. After 3 working days, the original title deed of the real estate shall be brought to be connected to the residence permit.
  4. The General Administration for Foreigners Affairs shall be reviewed to extract the residence entry permits (the Administration is at the second floor in the Dubai Dubai Land Department)
  5. The residence period is two years, renewed with residence renewal fees.
  6. In case the person is absent after applying for residence, a power of attorney shall be sent to another person, provided  that it includes an item of completion of residence procedures related to the General Administration and Foreigners’ Affairs.
Service Fee
  • 400 AED
  • 250 AED Ownership Transfer
  • 250 AED Plan Issuance
  • 10 Knowledge Dirham
  • 10 Innovation Dirham

(for each fee)

Service Branches

​Main Branch- Real Estate Investment Management and Promotion Centre

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