Price Comparisons

Price Comparisons 

With the market shift due to higher supply and lower demand in the past year I thought it would be interesting to compare the prices for both transacted properties from the secondary market and Oqood Registrations.

The below analysis is for 1 bedroom apartments sold in August 2017 against August 2018.

You can see that in the secondary market out of the 38 communities listed only 3 communities saw an increase in price per sq ft.

It is harder to compare the off plan oqood registrations as there have been new launches across most communities but the below shows a price per sq ft increase in the majority.   Out of 39 communities, only 8 showed a drop in price, most notably was Dubai Studio City from AED1,099 per sq ft to AED959 per sq ft in 2018.

Total Sale Prices of Transferred Properties Total AED: 1 Bedroom Apartments

Aug-17           1,234,856,159
Aug-18            1,727,704,066

Total Sale Prices of Oqood Registered Properties Total AED: 1 Bedroom Apartments

Aug-17      AED 3,720,428,322
Aug-18      AED 1,025,529,264

The prices per sq ft are taken from all buildings in each community so please bear this in mind.  If you wish to have the prices on an exact property please contact me.

All data is provided by
Data compiled by Laura Adams, Managing Director


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