Dubai Rental Yields May 2018

We have experienced a substantial change in prices for both leasing and sales in the Dubai Property Market over the last 2/3 years, generally due to supply and demand levels remaining the same.

Return on investment percentages has always been a big selling point of property in the Region.  Most Cities, such as London, New York, Sydney etc… only receive around 2-4% net returns but Dubai has always seen 7% and above for most properties, a major attraction for Investors.

Dubai benefits from low maintenance costs, as the majority of the properties are new, demand was also high a few years back which set the president of high rents from the start and service charges for in most of the communities are relatively reasonable for what you get for your money (swimming pools, gyms, security etc).

The good news is, returns still remain high and although they have seen a drop in some communities they are still the best in the World for property investment on single residential properties.  (By this, I mean not through an investment company or developers offering guaranteed hands-off investment.)

See below the returns.

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Laura Adams, Managing Director, Carlton Real Estate.

(data compiled by Laura Adams, provided by

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