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By now you would have seen a lot of offers from various sources offering investments into Care Homes.  Many Care Home investments offer high, guaranteed (not keen on this word) returns and 3-5 year buyback plans.  This seems too good to be true but in fact, if you choose the right project and Operator you lower your risk to a minimum.

As with every investment you need to be due diligent, especially in today’s economic uncertainty.  I have been doing allot research over the past year to try and figure out which Developers and Operators have the best product and credibility.

The conclusion, in my opinion, is to ensure the project is already completed and running.  Off plan investments in this sector can be subject still to planning approvals, regulatory authorities approvals and, obviously need to be constructed so they do not have any immediate income.  This means either the Developer needs to be cash rich or he will use the money invested by you to fund the project.

In light of the above, I have teamed up with a credited Operator who buys out owners of poorly run Care Homes and turns the Homes around with the help of CQC and CSSIW (regulatory boards in UK and Wales), who go and analyze what is going wrong.

The main points that generally arise are:

  • Poor Diets
  • Management
  • Equipment
  • 1-1 care

The Operator has a proven track record of over 5 Care Homes which have received awards.

80% of the patients in their Care Homes are from the NHS.

All funds are held in Escrow in the UK and UAE.

ZERO commission on any purchase.

If you are interested in finding out more please do not hesitate to contact me by replying to this email.

Laura Adams


Care Home Investment

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